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Over the years we have had the good fortune to work with many amazing companies. We host the most respected caterers, your favorite food trucks and a host of innovative product manufacturers. 

We welcome all sizes and shapes of entrepreneurs from those aiming for a national brand, to those growing a great local success story, to those with a weekend hobby.

Let us help you achieve your goals!

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Alley 26 Craft Cocktails & Kitchen. A local cocktail bar and restaurant located in Durham, N.C. featuring upscale food and cocktail pairings in a relaxed setting.

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Started In Graham, NC Best Chance BBQ is a proud supporter of Tree House Recovery where 10% of our profits are going to allow others to pursue the same journey to a new life.


Mex Etc is a local food truck serving Mexican and American foods in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.  We are owned and operated by three brothers who have a love for cooking and community.

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Bull City Pepper Co is made up of four friends that grew up in the Triangle and have a passion for growing peppers and eating spicy food.  

We have been growing peppers for years and have developed a variety of recipes so we can now share this passion with the rest of the community.

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Long time friends Maria Pacheco and Martha Arango created Cilantro Artisan Foods unique menu and Salsas to bring the flavors of her childhood to North Carolina. Delicious Salsas made with all natural ingredients, preservatives and additives free, handmade in small batch.

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3P combines special natural ingredients like our local farm grown heirloom Peter Peppers to create a sauce where Flavor is driving and Heat rides in the front seat.


Divine Flavor promotes fair trade with all our growers and customers to ensure we continue not only to improve the working conditions at our farms, but also to produce fresh, organically, and sustainable non-GMO foods.



Beau Catering is a North Carolina based catering service owned and operated by 

Beau Bennett. Our goal is to use local, fresh ingredients to create a meal which you and Beau custom design to fit your wants and needs.

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Every ingredient that goes into making Tempo has been purposely selected. Our search for the perfect coffee beans began with creating a list of local coffee roasters that share our values, most especially Fair Trade.


100% human-grade, antibiotic & hormone free, prey model raw pet food recipes—delivered straight to your door. Formulated based on the ancestral carnivorous diet.

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Cacio & Fig charcuterie boards are an incredible experience for anyone wanting to enjoy rich flavor profiles and delicious combinations that can sometimes be unexpected. We hope to bring this experience to you and your loved ones!

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We’re a local black owned meal delivery service. Chef James offers pre-made meals that are delivered to your door. Our offerings are healthy, full of flavor, and affordable.

These delicious, ready-to-bake cookies are made with Organic ingredients that have traditionally been found to support milk production.


Nature's Dual Fuel is a dual purpose food and fuel source in one product.

Denise and Robert Goga dreamed of working as a team to bring people together to experience exquisite meals in an atmosphere of style and warm hospitality. Their partnership started with their successful South Padre Island, Texas, restaurant and continues through their specialty food company, Food Cravings.

King's Pepper was born in Los Angeles, raised in North Carolina and can be shipped all over the good old USA.

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Bull City Farm started in response to our desire to feed our family humanely raised meats we knew had been treated with respect and thoughtfulness.

Our mission is to manufacture a soy, nut, and dairy-free plant-based frozen dessert that rivals traditional ice cream.  Our creamy, delicious vegan ice cream is powered by plants and made with an abundance of love!

Elaka Treats is a novelty take on ice creams inspired by the creator’s Indian and Middle Eastern heritage, and all the cardamom (elaka) flavored treats she grew up indulging in.


JMS Catering is a Black-owned catering company located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The owners, Jemel and Danielle are both proud UNC Tarheels and established JMS Catering in 2010. Specializing in classic American and Southern-style dishes.

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The cake mixes I've developed give you all that you need to make delicious homemade cakes of your own with little measuring or adding and mixing ingredients separately. My mixes are for anyone who would like to bake and especially for those who think homemade cakes are too time consuming.


Cake Mommy

Dessert Caterer for all occasions.I love what I do and work hard to make my customers happy! Cakes, cupcakes,candy/dessert buffets, and more!

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Good food, at a good price, where and when you want it! We offer a varied menu, including pork BBQ, beef brisket and burnt ends, smoked chicken, and ribs.

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Jabin is my family's twist on a beverage recipe dating back to ancient Persian times. It is an all natural sports drink packed with electrolytes from pink himalayan salt and anti-cramping benefits from organic apple cider vinegar. The great tasting flavor comes from a combination of fresh mint, Persian cucumbers, and cilantro which are also rich in antioxidants. 

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We’re proud to continue this downtown market tradition 264 years after its beginning, in almost the same location!


Try it on your toast, in your oatmeal, added to your PB&J, with pretzels, or just straight out of the jar. The opportunities are endless. Kokada is made with sustainably sourced, natural and organic ingredients.

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Mighty Mike’s is owned and operated by Mike and Alexa Jennings. We have over 15 years of experience catering private parties, wedding receptions, graduations, and family celebrations. In December of 2017 we expanded our business with a portable kitchen and became Mighty Mike’s Rolling Bistro & Grill.

We believe that quality begins with pride in the production and presentation.  Every jar is hand-crafted and our products are cold-filled to ensure a crispy, flavorful pickle.

We start with U.S. grown, organic, non-GMO soybeans to produce high quality plant-based food products.

Our products are naturally high in protein and cholesterol free.


We are the only leading  African cuisine caterers in the country that cover the whole Continent of Africa.For more info check our website.


Reverence Farms is a diversified, thriving polyculture where animals are treated with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet.

Amelia Irene Catering & Event Design was founded by Chef Amelia Irene to curate memorable intimate affairs where chef inspired plant-based cuisine merges with exceptional event design to create lasting memories when life’s journey requires celebration!

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High Quality Herbal Infusions

Inspired, high-integrity soups using NC-grown produce that make the most of each season, no matter how short each may be.

Lonchera Dona Lilia is authentic Mexican street food. 

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NUMEAL™ is a revolutionary way to eat protein and takes you back to the roots on how to enjoy a traditional meal that you grew up eating without the guilt!

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In everything we do, in every product we share, every connection we make, love is our priority. To us, this work is about protecting the environment, sourcing product mindfully, cultivating wellness, supportive relationships within our community, and sharing sweetness in any way we can.

Made from cold-brewed organic Counter Culture Coffee, organic cane sugar, and real vanilla, reduced down to concentrated coffee magic.


Traditional Italian Gelato

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