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The Benefits of Joining
Our Commuinty

Helping Food Entrepreneurs Follow Their Passion

Launching Your


We make the start up process less stressful and provide honest feedback.

Building a  Community 

Joining PFPC is an opportunity to network 

with other local business owners and meet potential partners. 

Marketing & Branding

Work on your brand imaging with a team of experienced marketers.

Navigating Regulations

Get help with requirements and inspections. 

At Piedmont Food and Processing Facility We Provide a number of ways to support 

our clients in the journey to becoming sucsessful


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Community Partnerships & Current Projects

Piedmont Food Processing Center lowers the hurdles so food entrepreneurs can focus on their businesses. We listen and learn from entrepreneurs in order to build a better community with the resources to make our clients successful.


A few of our current projects:

Educational Programs 

  • Monthly “Lunch and Learns” bring entrepreneurs together to learn about a variety of topics and to share their experiences with each other. We host community programs like the state-wide Young Chef’s Competition and collaborate with local community colleges on public education programs.

  • CPG Boot Camp is a five-week course for new food entrepreneurs. We'll walk you through starting your food business and have you prepared for your first inspection and product launch.

Scholarship Program 

  • A promising entrepreneur (with preference to underserved candidates) is provided mentoring and free kitchen time.

WE Power Food 

  • An organization of women food entrepreneurs that supports and encourages members in building successful food businesses.

NC Network of Incubator Kitchens (NC-NIK)

  • Piedmont Food Processing Center organized other shared-kitchens across the state to collaboration and share best practices.


CROP Loan 

  • Working with the NC Department of Agriculture and Weaver Street Market, the Piedmont Food Processing Center established a revolving loan program. This loan helps clients buy local produce for use in manufacturing their products, benefiting the local farm economy and local producers.

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