WE Power

Women in food business empowering other women to succeed and flourish


How We Work

Who is at the table:

WE Power is led and designed by women. The group welcomes all people interested in creating a more equitable environment where small food businesses thrive and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Holding space:

Monthly meetings provide a safe space for sharing resources and information, building relationships and fostering ideas.

Collective problem solving:

We believe in the power of listening and collaboration. WE Power depends on a diversity of lived experiences to help identify issues and develop innovative solutions.


Women experience the world differently across race, religion, gender-identity, and class. WE Power operates with this understanding to build representation at the table, foster shared learning and promote equity. Additionally, WE Power recognizes that all marginalized communities experience barriers that can limit success and create unsafe environments. While our focus is on women in food business, we welcome and value all people.

Network building:

Partnering with service providers, local governments, community supporters and allies to build an environment that empowers women food entrepreneurs.

Resource Sharing:

WE Power works through collective problem solving and network development to identify resources that support all women in food businesses. The resources we discover are shared within our network. We hope to share a resource page soon -- email us at wepowerfood@gmail.com for more information! 

WE Power Goals


Grow the network of women food entrepreneurs in the Piedmont region and North Carolina.


Share resources and best practices with other food incubators through a “train the trainer” model to enable these incubators to better assist and serve women food entrepreneurs.


Create a resource guide for women entrepreneurs in food business at all levels with various backgrounds and lived experiences. WE Power recognizes women food entrepreneurs face different barriers based on race, gender, ethnicity, location and income. Resources designed and compiled by WE Power will aim at breaking down barriers and increasing access to opportunities for women food entrepreneurs.


Create a safe space where women food entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and experiences can share information and lessons learned in addition to developing strong support networks.


Develop a series of training workshops with a focus on breaking down barriers faced by women of all backgrounds in food businesses. Piedmont Food Processing Center (PFPC) will host two seminars onsite at PFPC with two additional offsite seminars at larger venues. PFPC will also co-host two seminars at rural food incubators.


Reduce the number of women food entrepreneurs closing their businesses -- Piedmont Food Processing Center has learned that women food entrepreneurs are twice as likely to close their business than male food entrepreneurs. Increase the number of women of color clients at Piedmont Food Processing Center.

Share your Story


Are you a woman in food business?
WE Power wants to know your story!

Please share challenges, successes, lessons learned and all the details in between to help us learn more about the experiences of women in food business. Share your story anonymously or provide your contact information so we can get in touch. For more details, please contact us at wepowerfood@gmail.com.


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*All information received will be kept confidential unless otherwise notified that any or all information can be shared.

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